Kathy white

compassion first leadership

The way forward

Have you ever

Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night because of the stress of unfinished projects or deadlines looming. Or felt that you couldn’t complete all your daily tasks and go home feeling defeated?  Trust me, I get it. I have been there.

It’s a cycle. Have a list, complete some of the tasks, add more to the list, but never quite check off everything. Unfortunately, the stress at work often seeps into stress at home and affects our relationships. 

break the cycle

Love your work

imagine with me

Imagine with me. It’s Sunday Evening. You go to bed, excited to start Monday morning at work. You login to work while enjoying your steaming cup of hot coffee. And you think to yourself. I am so lucky to have this job. I love it.

Most people think that’s unattainable. I personally think it’s a Vision.

If the majority of employees loved their job, loved where they worked, loved the people that they work with, and loved the company….this could truly change the Corporate world.

lead with heart

I truly feel that there is something missing in the corporate world. An element of compassion and empathy. If more people can lead with heart, the work place would be so much more enjoyable.

Kathy’s Credentials

B.S., Accounting, University of Utah
Associate of Science, Business, Salt Lake Community College
International Best Selling Author
Studies at  Neurogym, Proctor & Gallagher Institute, Niurka University
Certification, Les Brown Power Voice
Coaching Certification, Next Gen Agency
Chamber of Commerce Committee, Murray, UT

Founder, Waffles VR Team Building

Waffles VR is an interactive virtual reality team building company. We focus on communication, connection, leadership and fun. Contact us if you miss that human connection and want your employees to feel more engaged.