Problems of a new age

Employees are finding themselves disconnected from their workplace, team, and co-workers.  They are finding themselves isolated and in some cases, depressed.

63% of employees don’t feel valued or appreciated in the workplace…a place where they spend the majority of their waking hours. More work is piled on an employee with no increase in compensation.

Employees get promoted to management positions without leadership training. They are either told to read a leadership book or assumed to understand the intricacies of leadership.

Employees are overwhelmed, overworked, and fatigued. 

Companies struggle getting employee engagement yet companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable.

Departments don’t share the same values, goals, and beliefs (company culture). 

We solve those problems with leadership training built for the modern era


Leadership training from the ground up helping training leaders from the basic of leading teams to executives and building a compassionate culture.


Have Kathy speak at your events, conference or company to inspire and help affect the change you want in your organization.


Ever been told to “just get over it?” Defeat depression and anxiety by learning to unleash the warrior within.